allsensed software that strengthens and expands vertical solutions

accelerated IoT platforms development and improves vertical solutions applications with innovative and productive features

Main features

– Configuration and management of any kind of sensor
– Geolocated display on a map of any kind of sensor
– Router generation up to 1.000 points
– Different integration levels: device, backend – API rest, or frontend
– Alarms and significant events management
– Programmable actuation over devices that allow it
– Web and smartphone version
– Multilanguage: English, French, Spanish

More information

Different fields, great benefits

allsensed is a software solution that provides with innovative capabilities to integrate, manage and display information of any kind of sensor/actuator device


– Offered as a service (SaaS)
– Fast innovative functionalities integration to existing IoT platforms
– On-premise deployment available

Enhances and complements solutions

– Waste collection management
– Street lighting management
– Irrigation systems management
– Location and tracking
– Cold chain management
– Energy efficiency,…