More than 10 year experience in the design and development of low power wireless sensor devices

Thanks to quality, technology and cost-benefit ratio of its vertical solutions, SAYME positions as market leader

The company

SAYME is a technology maker with long experience in the development of low-power wireless sensor network solutions.

Our proprietary technology platform, designed and developed 100% by the company, combines software and software.

Our solutions include specific and specialized devices along with the latest and widely used wireless communication technologies and cloud software/APIs to provide different levels of integration: from end-to-end solutions to 3rd party integration.

The company has experience in both national and international projects in collaboration to our partners, and a highly qualified team supported by a group of advisors with great international experience.

SAYME Solutions are ready to be deployed

We count on a great international partner channel that integrate and commercialize our solutions

Our team

SAYME counts on a team that stands out due to their high qualification, technical ability and professionalism. We commit ourselves to a continuing training program that feeds our professionals’ high technological specialization, as well as their personal development and their professional entailments to the company.

Company leaders are:

Alfonso Murat, President and Founder
Marta Alonso, CEO
Fernando Moreno, Product Manager
Lorenzo Arce, Technical Manager
David Fernandez, Software Manager

SAYME Advisors:

Enrique Rueda-Sabater, Strategy Advisor, Investor
Jesús Ibáñez, Technical Advisor

Besides, SAYME counts on a committed engineers team with vast experience, skills and great enthusiasm.

More information

Hardware platform

Technology platform developed 100% by the company

Thinking in partner channel

We create all our solutions over it and provide the partner with valuable integration tools

Software solutions

Our software integrates to third party vendor solutions

Software solutions that help

Our software modules complements and enhances the IoT platforms of our partners

Wireless communications


Specific IoT communications

We apply the communications technologies that best since customer needs and market nich.