mybutton, not just a button

Tiny but versatile Sigfox connected button that allows for crating multiple interactive applications.

Main features

– Sigfox wireless communications
– Tiny size
– Long battery life
– Easy to install in different scenarios
– One device, multiple applications
– Customised actions: email, SMS, redirection, IFTTT,…
– Direct connexion to allsensed cloud platform
– Integration to third party cloud platforms: Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, AWS Kinetics,…

More information

Different fields, great benefits

mybutton is easily configured to send, anyplace and anytime, a predefined message or launch process from any kind of platform.


– Make orders
– Request services
– Actuation over devices and systems
– Process automation
– People assistance
– Notifications


– No infrastructure required
– Easy activation with NFC, QR, URL
– No location dependent
– Valid for mobility applications

Application fields

Thanks to Sigfox communications technology, mybutton can be used in mobility, from anywhere, at any time, for multiple services

To make orders of products and services

Just with a click, mybutton allows for launching purchase orders of products or services, anywhere, anytime. Request laundry and dry-cleaning services from your hotel room. Request a package collection service in your office. Launch predefined purchase orders: office supplies, food, consumable materials for retail and industry, are just some examples of the wide range of my button capabilities.

Furthermore, it enables to integrate generated information with specific applications of each company by means of an API that SAYME provides from allsensed platform.

To receive assistance anytime, anywhere

Thanks to it’s capability to work anywhere without WiFi infrastructure or other type, it can be easily installed, both indoors and outdoors, in order to enable assistance request applications, even in mobility.

Just with a mybutton click, a bus driver can know that there is a disabled persona waiting in next stop. To request assistance in an aisle in a mall. To request the substitution of an operator in a production line. To assist a person with problems in buildings, industrial plants or cities. Receive information in a smartphone about the status of service, such as the shipping of package, meteorology information, among many other applications.

To launch business processes or automated tasks

mybutton can launch business process and automated tasks by means of IFTTT, Zappier, or allsensed. Moreover, it can be easily integrated to other IoT platforms through the API.

mybutton can turn on/off automated actions, such as clima or lighting systems in an office, etc. In addition, it can gather and send information about the thermostat, energy consumption, and other related variables, to send them via email, sms or feed specialised software applications.