sensblocks, 1 solution, multiple aplications

Temperature/humidity, opening detection, energy consumption, flood detection, industrial button and more.

Main features

– Temperature & Humidity
– Opening detector
– Current detector
– Button
– General purpose closed circuit detector
– Voltage detector
– Battery monitor
– Tilt alarm
– Flood alarm

More information

Different fields, great benefits

sensblocks provides with great specific value to precise requirements with a very efficient-cost solution. It adapts to small and large projects and integrates to any software platform.


– Best cost/benefit in the market
– Concrete solutions to specific problems
– Ultra low power consumption
– Works with conventional AA batteries
– No IP and IP67 enclosures


– Refrigerated goods delivery monitoring
– Energy consumption control in buildings
– Opening detection of doors, cabinets, manholes
– Flood detection in buildings
– General purpose programmable buttons
– Industrial buttons…

Some references

Some relevant projects undertaken by our partners using our technology and solutions

Deployed solution for door opening detection in airports

Project developed by one of our partners for airports. It allows for detection of passengers’ flow to WC to determine best cleaning operative based on use. Besides, it provides with information about other variables, physical and environmental, that enrich the system for a better operative.

Energy consumption analysis in buildings and offices

Non-intrusive current monitoring to determine patterns in the use of energy by the users in their work places, building areas and offices. It allows for establishing training and awareness campaigns to achieve better use of energy available resources in companies, by means of reducing consumption and billing.

Cold chain monitoring in goods delivery

Solution for tracking cold chain in the field of food delivery. It allows for determining fulfilment of cold chain custody during the whole process, from collection in logistic centres to delivery to end user, providing real time information about real temperature and other significant events.