sensdumpster, the most efficient management of waste collection

Great savings in waste collection operation and maintenance thanks to reliable filling level status monitoring, optimal collection routes generation and alarms in case of internal fire or overturn.

Main features

• Savings up to 50% in waste collection costs
• Filling level status monitoring
• Alarms: fire, overturn, overflow, obstruction, leak
• Compatible with any type of waste
• Compatible with any type of container
• Low power consumption. Wireless.
• Remote configuration
• Communication technologies: SIGFOX, ZigBee, GPRS, LoRa

More information

Different fields, great benefits

sensdumpster is a complete solution that optimizes operation and maintenance cost of waste collection in urban, rural and industrial fields, thanks to its capability to monitor any kind of material and adapt to any kind of dumpster.


– Optimizes collection routes
– Only required dumpsters are collected
– Relevant economic savings
– Improves quality of service to citizens
– Reduces ecological footprint
– Fast response in case of dumpster fire or overturn


– Urban waste collection management
– Filling level status monitoring of tanks, silos, cisterns…
– FOG tramps monitoring
– University campuses
– Pumping stations
– Industrial plants

Some references

Some relevant projects undertaken by our partners using our technology and solutions

More than 1.600 dumpsters that cover the complete service for packaging and paper-cardboard waste in SANTANDER

This projects stands out as the biggest international reference for device density in a single deployment, and manages the complete service of waste collection for paper-cardboard and packaging in a medium city. The project was conducted by NEC and Everis with SAYME’s sensdumpster solution.

Devices deployed in Barcelona for an efficient management of waste collection

CLD, concessionary company of waste collection service in Barcelona, relied in sensdumpster solution by SAYME to optimize its waste collection operation management thanks to this innovative solution with great added value.

Solution to detect obstruction in grease tramps in cafeterias and restaurants in MIAMI-DADE

sensdumpster improves the efficiency of maintenance management of FOG tramps in cafeterias and restaurants in Miami, thanks to continuous monitoring of waste levels and the generating alarms in case of obstruction and leak.