senslighting, wireless point to point telecontrol of street lighting

Reduces electric bill, maintenance costs and improves the quality of service to citizens.

Main features

– Point to point ON/OFF control
– Digital and analog dimming
– Temperature, current consumption and voltage information
– Overheating, power shortage and broken bulb alarms
– Compatible with most commercial ballast and all lighting technologies (sodium vapour, LED)
– Remote configuration. Minimal maintenance
– Low power consumption
– Interoperable and scalable
– Communication technologies: SIGFOX, ZigBee, LoRA

More information

Different fields, great benefits

senslighting is a complete solution to improve the efficiency and operation in street lighting systems, industrial lighting and buildings.


– Energy efficiency improvement of lighting systems
– Savings in preventive and corrective maintenance
– Improvement of quality of service to citizens


– Street lighting
– Industrial areas
– Highways and roads
– Ports and airports
– Parks and sports areas
– University campuses
– Buildings